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What is the role of your local congregation?

As Christians we have a responsibility to give answers to the issues of our time. Islam is not only an issue that politicians need to wrestle with, it is foremost a spiritual issue which demands answers from the people of God. Please take a few minutes to read the article "September 11th and the Mandate of the Church".

Many Christians in churches are asking for Biblical answers to the challenges of Islam.

Some churches have begun adding responses to Islam on their own church website. To get an idea of some initiatives by local churches, here a list of links to various church websites on Islam:

Most churches will not have the time, knowledge or means to start an own Christian education program or develop own webpages on Islam, but the following suggestions may help many in your congregation who are asking questions.

Would you contact your pastor and request if your church could consider placing a link from their church webpages to the site "Answering Islam" - Christian Answers to Islam ( Whether your church webpages already have material on Islam or not, this link will provide a vast resource on Islam for your church members.

Additionally, or if your church does not have a webpage, maybe this resource link could be recommended in your church bulletin or newsletter at some time?

Many churches have a booktable, some even a sizable bookstore with Christian books, tracts and CDs they recommend. Would it be possible that the CD-Edition of Answering Islam be put on display there? You could also contact your local Christian bookstore(s) and ask if they might be interested to stock the CD. Most effectively, order one or more CDs for yourself and take them to the bookstores so that they can try them out.

If you have acted on any of the above suggestions, please let us know, because it will greatly encourage us.

[ Note: This page is in its infancy. We will be adding more suggestions and resources soon. ]

Suggestions for the webmaster:

You could include into your pages a simple text link, whether just the name of the site or including more explanation regarding the purpose of the site:

Alternatively, choose one of these banners to create a more visible and lively link:

Link to 'Answering Islam'

Link to 'Answering Islam'

Link to 'Answering Islam'

If you need help on this, feel free to contact us.

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