Spiritual Attacks

Some Thoughts on How to Respond

(A quick sketch of Related Truth - which you may want to Edit or Expand or Excerpt according to need)

  1. God is the creator of this world. He created all things good.

  2. However, when sin and disobedience came, the world including mankind came under the domination of Satan. Satan is variously called the "ruler of this world" and the "god of this world." The whole world is under his domination. (I John 5:19)

  3. We are born into this "kingdom of darkness" But we can change kingdoms. See Acts 26:17-18 for a description of the process.

  4. It happens via the new birth process when we believe in and receive the work of the Lord Jesus Christ. (John 3)

  5. When we change kingdoms, we suddenly become aware of the opposition from the dark kingdom. Before salvation, we may not have been particularly aware of it in our own lives. Reason: We were being carried along by the stream. Now we are going against the stream of evil -- and feel its power. Behind that evil power is Satan himself. He cleverly tempts, accuses, and abuses all with the intent of destroying all that is Holy. So awareness of opposition at salvation is a good sign. It's a sign of LIFE! (Rom. 7:22-24) The holy life of God that is in us causing us to hate evil. AND we are now hated by the Evil one who wants to pull us back into his kingdom... .

  6. Usually, however, there is a sensation of Joy when we come to the truth of the New Kingdom: forgiveness, peace, acceptance. Often there is a joyous sense of deliverance from various sins and habits.

  7. It might be compared to when God brought His people into the promised land under Moses. It is said that he brought them into rest. However, it is also said that he left them some giants so that they might be trained in warfare, i.e. not get soft.

  8. In our age, It is observable that when we enter the Kingdom of God, or more rightly when the Kingdom of God enters our lives, God usually leaves us at least one "vice." This He uses to humble us, and to learn to use our spiritual weapons which God has provided for us.

  9. Even the Lord Jesus, who had never ever sinned, was tempted "in all points like as we are" but used one of the same resources that we have, the Word of God! In his temptation (Matthew 4) he said three times to Satan who tempted him " It is written...."

  10. But unlike the Lord Jesus, we enter the Kingdom of God with the tattered garments of old sins and old habits. These have lingering effects on us, some of which we may not even be aware of. Gradually God will allow them to be brought to our attention, so that we may pray, seek God's help and forgiveness. God is a God of grace who is interested in us learning to live in dependence on Him, to call upon Him to clean up our lives.

  11. There are some sins, however, such as participation in sorcery, occult practices, wearing of amulets, and generational curses which have shown to leave Satan special "hooks" in our lives. We may not even be aware of them. Then suddenly, after a period of initial peace and happiness for the new believer, Satan seems to decide that it's time to put on a show and a fierce battle breaks out: violent dreams, voices, appearances at night, even physical pain. These can be caused by demonic attacks from the outside. (All believers can have these) or even by demonic attacks from the inside if the person has demons.

  12. Sometimes at this point, believers are puzzled. "Since I've become a believer, my life is worse -- not better! What's wrong? Am I not a real believer? "Where did my joy go?"

  13. Consider this illustration: When I decide to rent an apartment, it is still owned by the owner who built/bought it, not by me. But if I sign the required legal documents, I now have the right to live in it. But never to steal the apartment, nor to destroy it, nor to introduce a squatter to come into it. A squatter is a person with no legal right who comes in and locks the doors against the real owner and refuses to pay the rent and often trashes the apartment.

    Likewise God is the rightful owner of the apartment of my life. But previous to salvation, I used the apartment of my life as though it belonged to me. Now, after acknowledging the rightful owner, I need to allow him to supervise the housecleaning and reparation of my life. But if I, through certain sins, allowed the devil's squatters (demons) into my life, they like to lock themselves into some of the back rooms and hide. Sometimes they leave automatically at salvation. But sometimes they lurk and hide--until I get serious about following the desires of the rightful owners of my life. Then they can really kick up a fuss.

  14. But they know they are defeated---IF I come at them under the authority of my new boss. James 4:7 gives a succinct summary of the process.

  15. So when attacked, whether by a horrible dream, threatening voices, or physical pain, our line of defense, is to say something like this:

    Sometimes the results are dramatic. That's because the name of Jesus is powerful. We are weak. But He is STRONG. And Satan CANNOT stand before him!

    One believer of long standing, when shown this method, tried it, cried out. "Well, I never experience this before!" as her attackers fled. She was just learning to live in His authority.

    So can you!

  16. If we are walking in the rain, and have an umbrella in our hand, but refuse to put it up over our heads, we will get wet. Likewise, if we live in a sinful world, and haven't learned to use God's umbrella of protection we will get soaked by the enemy's oppression.

    Learn to raise your spiritual umbrella quickly when the spiritual rains hit you! You don't have to get wet. God has provided weapons of protection for his beloved Children.

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