Treasures In Paper: Books On Islam For Ministry & Information

by Warren G. Chastain


Compiling a bibliography is like eating nuts - it is difficult to know when to stop, and it is very much a matter of "taste." Two general criticisms of this collection are to be expected: the first, "Why is this included?", and two, "Why is that omitted?" Both comments can be justified. But to justify my own procedure I must state that I did not just shake the nut-tree and gather whatever fell! Rather I walked around it carefully and selected nuts that appeared ripe for our consumer - the Christian worker who wants a bibliography that is more comprehensive than those that have been offered in the past, but yet not locked in a thick shell of abstract scholarship. We hope that the shell can be opened easily, and provide nourishment for the minds of hungry Christian witnesses.

In the past, mission agencies have sent out workers with a minimum knowledge and exposure to Islam. And many workers still go out hoping they will learn on the job but still unaware how to dig in and set up a study program for themselves. Islam has been to them like the macadamia nut: attractive, precious, but notoriously difficult to open with that hard, thick shell.

We hope that this bibliography will be a practical tool for the preparation of effective students of, and witnesses to Muslims.

This bibliography is limited to English language works which could be useful to Christian workers among Muslims. The books may be basic, but not necessarily simple; indeed, many of these works are primarily for avid students of Islam. We have sought, as a careful scribe, to bring forth out of our treasure things new and old, works cited regularly by scholars as well as some lesser known books which are selected for some practical benefit.

This article updates the briefer but still useful article of Warren Webster, "A Selected Bibliography for Christian Workers" in The Gospel and Islam (available from MARC-WV), which is amplified by an article giving a methodology of research for almost any Islamic theme in Warren Chastain's "A Bibliography of Articles on Islam," available from EMIS, Box 794, Wheaton, IL 60137 and ZIMS, Box 365, Altadena, CA 91001.

Muslim, Christian, and secular titles are included, as well as some older apologetic materials difficult to find now, but which may become more relevant again as Muslims become more confrontational as they make more contacts with Christian peoples.

Books will be listed below according to the general outline used in The Muslim World "Survey of Periodicals" with some changes.

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Cragg, Kenneth and Marston Speight.
1980   Islam from Within. Belmont, CA: Wadsworth. 
       (Judicious comments by the authors plus use of key spokesman 
       for Islam give an "insider's view")

Delval, Raymond. editor
1984   The Muslims in the World. E.J. Brill, Plantijnstraat 2, 
       2321 JC, Leiden, Netherlands. (The best large wall map in 
       existence. Shows concentrations of Sunni and Shi'a in all 
       countries. Includes an explanatory book with statistics).

Ede, David. et al
1983   Guide to Islam. G.K. Hall, 70 Lincoln St. Boston. 
       (A useful 261 page research tool with 2962 titles of books 
       and articles carefully indexed. Annotated).

al Faruki, Isma'il R. and Lois L. al Faruki.
1986   The Cultural Atlas of Islam. NY: Macmillan.
       (A major work by Muslim scholars covering a broad sweep of 
       Islamic history, culture, and religion. Slights Shi'a and 
       Sufis. Exaggerates Muslim impact and serves as a corrective 
       to the orientalist approach. Not for beginners).

Gaudefroy-Demonbynes, M.
1954   Muslim Institutions. London. (Covers all aspects of 
       Arab life and in a small compass delivers a massive amount 
       of information on law, dogma, practices, etc)

Geddes, Charles L.
1973   An Analytical Guide to the Bibliographies on Islam, 
       Muhammad, and the Qur'an. American Institute of Islamic 
       Studies, Box 10191, Denver, CO 80210. (Detailed annotation 
       of 213 bibliographies in western languages, Arabic, Persian, 
       and Russian, 1658-1972)

1975   Books in English on Islam, Muhammad, and the Qur'an: 
       A Selected, Annotated Biblioqraphy. Denver: AIIS 
       (A list of over 100 selected titles)

Geijbels, M.
1975   An Introduction to Islam. Christian Study Centre, 
       126B Murree Rd. Rawalpindi, Pakistan. (A valuable set of 
       teaching materials in four parts by a Catholic scholar 
       speaking from experience in a Muslim context)

Gibb, Sir H.A.R.
1953   Mohammadanism: An Historical Survey. 2nd ed. NY:OUP 
       (A Classic study by one the foremost scholars in the West. 
       Profound and brief)

1982   Studies on the Civilization of Islam. Princeton, NJ

Gibb, H.A.R. and J. H. Kramers, et al
1953   Shorter Encyclopedia of Islam. Leiden: E.J. Brill. 
       (Superb scholarship covering key Islamic themes)

1960   The Encyclopedia of Islam, New Edition. 
       Leiden: E.J. Brill. 4 volumes completed. (The best in 
       contemporary scholarship. To be distinguished from E. J. Brill's 
       First Encyclopaedia of Islam, 1913- 1936, a 1987 
       reprint in 9 vols. 5164p. with 9000 articles)

Gilchrist, John.
1986   Muhammad and the Religion of Islam. Jesus to the Muslims, 
       Box 1804, Benoni, South Africa. (A 408p presentation of Islam 
       from an evangelical who is heavily engaged in direct ministry. 
       A second volume on how to handle controversial apologetic issues 
       is in process - The Christian Witness to the Muslim. 
       Very useful for apologetic ministry)

Graham, William A. and Marilyn R. Waldman.
1983   Islam-Fiche, Readings from Islamic Primary Sources. 
       From IDC, Poststrasse 14, 6300 Zug, Switzerland. 
       (This is a new kind of anthology for studying and teaching 
       Islamic civilization. These series of selected microfiche 
       collections would make an excellent means for Christian 
       schools to make available to its students critical primary 
       and secondary source materials, and thus build a stronger 
       Islamic study program)

Grimwood-Jones, Diana and Derek Hopwood (eds.)
1979   The Middle East and Islam: A Bibliographical Introduction. 
       Zug, Switz.: Inter Documentation. (A collection of bibliographies, 
       many heavily annotated)

Hodgson, Marshal G.S.
1974   The Venture of Islam. 3 vols. Univ. of Chicago Press 
       (Profound and massive. Brilliant interpretative study 
       that places Islam in the context of world civilization. For 
       advanced students)

Holt, P.M. et al., (Eds.)
1970   The Cambridge History of Islam. CUP. 2 vols: 815 and 
       966 pp. CUP. (Authoritative, but non-interpretative and tedious 
       in parts. Good on religion, culture, etc)

Hughes, T.P.
1895   The Dictionary of Islam. Islamic Book Publishers, 
       Box 20210, Safat, Kuwait, or from FFM, 205 Yonge St. Toronto. 
       (A Christian work that is appreciated by Muslims. Old but gold. 
       A standby for missionaries)

Jeffery, Arthur.
1962   A Reader on Islam. 'S-Gravenhage: Mouton & Co. 
       (Gives passages from standard Arabic writings showing the 
       beliefs and practices of Muslims. An extensive anthology)

Lammens, H.
1929   Islam, Beliefs and Institutions. London: Frank Cass. 
       256 pp. (A Catholic scholar provides a superior sweep of Islam 
       as a religion. May be unpalatable to Muslim modern scholars)

Littlefield, David N.
1975    The Islamic Near East and North Africa: Annotated Guide 
        to Books in English for the Non-Specialist.
        Littleton, CO

Maududi, Abul A'la.
1973    Towards Understandinq Islam. 
        From ATP, 10900 W. Washington St. Indianapolis, IN 46231 
        (A foremost conservative Muslim scholar whose works have 
        influenced thinkers across the whole Muslim world)

1978    Fundamentals of Islam. 3rd edition, 263p. 
        From Islamic Publications, 13-E Shahalam Market, Lahore.

Mitchell, Richard P. and David Schoenback.
1980    An Annotated Bibliography on the Modern History Of the Near 
        East. Ann Arbor, Mich.: Center for Near Eastern and North 
        African Studies. (An essay for students and non-specialist 

Nasr, Seyyed Hossain.
1966    Ideals and Realities of Islam. London: George Allen 
        & Unwin. (An influential Muslim thinker deeply conversant 
        with modern western thought provides an interpretation of 

Rahman, Fazlur.
1979    Islam. 2nd ed., Univ. of Chicago Press, 283p. 
        (An in-depth modernistic interpretation of Islam by one of 
        the foremost Muslim scholars in the world. Beginners will 
        miss many of the issues Rahman debates)

Robinson, Francis.
1982    Atlas of the Islamic World since 1500. NY: Facts on File 
        (May be compared with another excellent historical atlas by 
        William Brice (ed.) An Historical Atlas of Islam. 
        Leiden: E.J. Brill, 1981)

Ruthven, Malise.
1984    Islam in the World. NY: OUP, 400p. (A fascinating 
        introduction to Islam. Original and interpretative)

Said, Edward W.
1978    Orientalism. NY: Pantheon. (An Arab Christian literary 
        scholar criticizes the attitudes and methods of western 
        journalism and scholarship dealing with the Arab world)

Saliba, Maurice.
1981    Index Libanicus. Jounieh, Lebanon: Paulist Press, 510pp. 
        (An immense bibliography of books and articles from 650 peridicals 
        with 5,359 titlen covering the Levant from 1515 to 1979).

Schoon, Frithjof.
1976    Understandinq Islam. London: D.M. Matheson. (A convert 
        to Sufi Islam providing one of the best works in English on 
        the meaning of Islam for a scholar)

Sell, Edward.
1920    The Faith of Islam. 4th ed., London. (A wellorganized, 
        useful presentation of Islam).

Simon, Reeva.
1978    The Modern Middle East: A Guide to Research Tools in the 
        Social Sciences. Boulder: Westview. (This can be used as 
        a "modern Sauvaget")

Watt, W. Montgomery.
1968    What is Islam?. London : Longmans. (A summary of how 
         a noted Christian scholar evaluates Islam).


Andrae, Tor.
1960    Mohammad, The Man and His Faith. NY: Harper & Row. 194 p. 
        (Highly recommended sympathetic biography placing Muhammad in 
        a religious and psychological continuity with the Arab worldview 
        of the time. Stresses influence of Monophysites).

Anees, Munawar A. and Alea N. Athar.
1986    Guide to Sira and Hadith Literature in Western Languages. 
        London: Mansell. 404 p. (2,996 entries covering early 16th century 
        to 1985. Annotated).

Asad, Muhammad.
1980    The Message of the Qur'an. Gibraltar: Dar-al-Andalus. 
        (A modern translation by a Muslim convert and noted scholar).

____    Sahih Al-Bukhari: The Early Years of Islam. From New Era 
        Publications, Box 8139, Ann Arbor, MI 48107. 306 p. (The historical 
        chapters of the Kitab al-Jami as-Sahih up to the Battle of 
        Badr. Includes Arabic text alongside English translation.)

Bell, Richard.
1968    The Origin of Islam in its Christian Environment. London: 
        Frank Cass (Reprint of 1926 edition), 224p. (Links Muhammad's 
        ideas to Christianity, not a fashionable view in contemporary 
        Islamic studies).

Cragg, Kenneth.
1971    The Event of the Qur'an: Islam in its Scripture. London: 
        Allen & Unwin. (Cragg gets into the mind of the Qur'an and 
        studies it in its pagan context).

1973    The Mind of the Qur'an. London: Allen & Unwin. 209 pp. 
        (Companion to above volume. Studies three classic commentators).

Gabrieli, Francesco.
1968    Muhammad and the Conquests of Islam. NY: McGraw. 
        (An Italian scholar writes best survey of conquests in English. 
        Objective, solid scholarship. Very readable and well illustrated)

Guillaume, A. (translator)
1955    The Life of Muhammad. (An early full-length biography by 
        Ibn Ishaq in the 8th century, and radically edited later by 
        Ibn Hisham. Gives a more authentic flavor than contemporary 

Haykal, Muhammad Husayn.
1976    The Life of Muhammad. Indianapolis: ATP. 841p. 8th ed. 
        (A modernistic biography by a noted Egyptian author. Theological 
        in tone and one of the most influential biographies ever written).

Margoliouth, D.S.
1927    Mohammad and the Rise of Islam. NY: Putnam. 481p.
        (Noted scholar sees Muhammad as a "captain of banditti" and 
        as a stealer of camels, etc.)

Muir, Sir William.
1894    The Life of Mahomet from Original Sources. London. 3rd ed., 
        536 pp. ("Longest, most faithful resume of the sources on the 
        life of Muhammad in English" - Ede)

Rodinson, Maxime.
1971    Mohammed. Revised edition trans. by Anne Carter. 
        NY: Viking Penguin. xx, 361p. (French scholar of Semitic 
        languages with long experience in the Middle East who sees 
        Muhammad as having experienced real sensory phenomena, but 
        interprets it rationalistically. Well written)

Watt, W. Montgomery.
1961    Muhammad, Prophet and Statesman. London: OUP. 250p. 
        (A sympathetic modern biography that stresses economic forces 
        and Muhammad's skills in forging tribal relationships. Abridges 
        his Muhammad at Mecca and Muhammad at Medina. 
        Leans over backwards to apologize for moral failures in Muhammad).


Ali, A. Yusuf.
1946    The Holy Qur'an. Indianapolis, IN: ATP. 1915p. 
        (An English/Arabic version with English commentary on every verse. 
        One of the most used versions by a noted Muslim scholar, which 
        could become even more of a standard since it has been used as 
        the basis for computer database covering the entire text - see 
        QURANBASE below)

1974    The Message of the Qur'an. Rutland, VT: Charles E. Tuttle

Ali, S.V. Mir Ahmed.
1964    The Holy Qur'an. Karachi: Muhammad Khaleel Shirazi. 
        (Useful for comparison as a Shi'a version as against the Yusuf 
        Ali version which presents a Sunni view).

Arberry, A.J.
1955    The Koran Interpreted. London: OUP. 
        (Considered to be the finest rendition of the flavor of the 
        original in English. Its position as a standard was enhanced 
        by the recent publication of a complete concordance to the Koran 
        using Arberry as the basic text)

Baljon, J.M.S.
1961    Modern Muslim Koran Interpretation (1800-1960). 
        Leiden: Brill. 135 pp. (Examines modern exegesis, methods of 
        interpretation, and major issues. The Introduction treats 
        important exegetes, their lives and work).

Basetti-Sani, Gialio. O.F.M.
1977    The Koran in the Light of Christ. 223p. Franciscan Herald 
        Press, 1434 W. 34 St, Chicago, IL 60609. (The biographer of 
        Massignon rejects the skepticism of Maracci, Caetani, and Lammens 
        and calls for a new view of the role of Islam in the history of 

Bell, Richard.
1953    Introduction to the Qur'an. Edinburgh. x, 190p. 
        (An essential tool for study of technical issues related to the 
        development of the Qur'an. He has developed a major theory to 
        account for the disorder of the Qur'an. Revised by Watt - see below)

Burton, John.
1977    The Collection of the Qur'an. London: CUP. 273p.

Cragg, Kenneth.
1970    The Event of the Qur'an. London: Allen & Unwin. 208p. 
        (A more readable and less technical introduction than Bell's)

1973    The Mind of the Qur'an. London: Allen & Unwin. 209p. 
        (Deals with the significance of the Qur'an for both the Muslim 
        and non-Muslim. The recitation and interpretive sciences explained 
        as well as a look at how the Qur'an is relevant in a secular, 
        pluralistic world)

Gatje, Helmut. Translated and edited by Alford T. Welch.
1976    The Qur'an and Its Exepesis: Selected Texts with Classical 
        and Modern Muslim Interpretations. Berkeley: Univ. of 
        California Press. 313 pp. (This unique work is very useful for 
        comparing Muslim and Christian concepts such as revelation, 
        Muhammad, God, angels, eschatology, angels, and other topics 
        like dogmatics, exegesis of Shiites, mystics, and moderns. 
        Uses key texts from selected commentators)

Goldsack, William.
1923    Selections from Muhammadan Traditions. Madras: Christian 
        Literature Society. (Uses hadith drawn from the 6 sahih books 
        plus a few minor authorities. Traditions are grouped by topics 
        to make them easier to study, and removal of the isnad 
        saves time).

Graham, William A.
1976    Divine Word and Prophetic Word in Early Islam: A Reconsideration 
        of Sources, with Special Reference to the Divine Sayinq or Hadith 
        Qudsi. The Haque Mouton, 266 pp. (Rejects common idea that 
        there was a clear distinction from early Islam between the 
        prophet's teaching and revelation. New light on the Muslim concept 
        of revelation).

Guillaume, A.
1924    The Traditions of Islam. Oxford. 182p. 
        ("An Introduction to the Study of the Hadith Literature" that builds 
        on Goldziher's epochal studies. Gives Muslim criticisms of traditions 
        and a chapter on Jewish and Christian borrowings).

Islamic Computing Centre.
1986    Computerised Hadith. From ICC, 73, St Thomas Ro. London N4 2QJ, UK. 
        (Some 10,000 sayings taken from the six major hadith collections are 
        conveniently codified for easy retrieval and available on IBM/PC/XT 
        or their compatibles with a minimum memory of 512K of RAM and 
        10 megabytes of disc storage).

Jeffery, Arthur.
1928    The Foreign Vocabulary of the Qur'an. Baroda: Oriental 
        Institute. 311 pp. (A dictionary and indexes of loan words. 
        Contains a critical bibliography of works that analyze the 
        teaching and content of the Qur'an).

1937    Materials for the History of the Text of the Qur'an. Leiden: 
        Brill. 609 pp. ("A listing of the known differences distinguishing 
        some 28 codices of the Qur'an." Introduction discusses variant 
        readings problem. Technical).

1952    The Qur'an as Scripture. NY: Russell Moore. 103 pp. 
        ("The nature of the sacred book, prophecy, inspiration, the 
        relation of the Qur'an to earlier scriptures, and the textual 
        history of the Qur'an are subjects of this important study.")

Juynboll, G.H.A.
1969    The Authenticity of the Tradition Literature: Discussions in 
        Modern Eqypt. Leiden: Brill. 171 pp. (Modern Muslim scholars 
        in debate among themselves are studied to bring out major issues 
        concerning the hadith in a unique work).

Kassis, Hanna E.
1983    A Concordance of the Qur'an. Berkeley: Univ of California Press. 
        xxxv, 1444p (The most complete concordance of the Qur'an in English, 
        based on Arberry. It has a major section on Allah including all 
        terms related to the divine name).

Khalifa, Rashad.
1973    Miracle of the Qur'an: Siqnificance of the Mysterious Alphabets.
        St. Louis: Islamic Productions International. 200 pp. (A computer 
        used to "prove" the divine origin of the Qur'an by giving number 
        values to letters and words. Reminiscent of Ivan Panin's Biblical 

Khan, M.M. translator
1979   The Translation of the Meanings of Sahih al-Bukhari. 4th ed., 
       9 vols. Kazi Publications. (The classic authority made available in 
       English taking students beyond the compendium of al-Bukhari by 
       Muhammad Ali, A Manual of Hadith)

O'Shaughnessy, Thomas. S.J.
1948    The Koranic Concept of the Word of God Rome: Pontificio 
        Instituto Biblico. (Jesus as the Word of God in the Koran)

n.d.     Arabic Software & Computers, Inc. has produced a database containing 
         the entire Quranic text from Yusuf Ali's translation. "The database 
         includes a series of data query commands for quickly searching 
         through the text. (One) can quickly find a ... group of verses by 
         entering a simple command. QURANBASE locates verses by subject and 
         by keyword as well." $295 from ASCI, 725 Deep Valley Dr., Palos 
         Verdes, CA 90274

Rahman, Fazlur.
1980    Major Themes of the Qur'an. Chicago: Bibliotheca Islamica. 180 pp. 
        ("A brilliant, original examination of the contents of the Qur'an 
        that diverges significantly from previous studies, both Muslim and 
        Western." Rahman studies basic ideas of God, man, evil, Satan, 
        prophethood, revelation, eschatology).

Robson, James. (Translator)
1975    Mishkat-ul-masabih. 2 vols. Lahore: Sh. Muh. Ashraf 
        ("This translation of al-Baghawi's collection of hadith brings to 
        the English reader all of the authentic traditions found in the 
        classical Sunni manuals, except the isnads." Excellent introduction 
        and translation. 1453 pp.).

Sale, George and E.M. Wherry.
1975    A Comprehensive Commentary on the Koran. NY: AMS Press. 
        (A reprint of an 1896 four volume work)

Siddiqui, A.H. (Trans.)
1976    Mishkat-al-masabih. vol.1. MSA Islamic Book Service, 
        10900 W. Washington St. Indinapolis, IN 46231. (An Arabic text with 
        English translation and commentary)

1976    Sahih Muslim. vol. I-IV. Indianapolis: MSA Islamic Book Service. 
        (This 1600 page set is a classic on the words and deeds of Muhammad 
        as narrated by his companions. Available in hardback at $12 a volume)

Stanton, H.U.W.
1969    The Teaching of the Qur'an. Ny : Biblo & Tannen. 
        (Provides a topical index to passages on essential themes, but 
        does not have written out the verses cited. A useful study tool. 
        Another useful tool which can be used in conjunction with this 
        is Don Rickard's A Religious Topical Index of the Qur'an which 
        when published should greatly benefit students)

al-Tabari, Abu Ja'far Muhammad b. Jarir.
1987    Commentary on the Qur'an or Tafsir. Vol 1 (of 5), NY: Oxford. 
        546 pp. Abridged and translated by John Cooper, W.F. Madelung, and 
        Alan Jones, et al. ("This edition of the most famous commentary on 
        the Qur'an, abridged from 30 to 5 volumes and including the full 
        text of the Qur'an in Arabic and English, is the first translation 
        of a work considered second only to the Qur'an itself in importance 
        as a sacred Islamic text.")

Tisdall, W. St. Clair.
1901    The Sources of Islam. 1973 reprint from Amarko Book Agency, 
        B-42 Amar Colony, New Delhi 110024, India.

Toshihiko Izatsu.
1959    The Structure of the Ethical Terms in the Koran. Tokyo: 
        Keio Institute of Philological Studies. (A highly recommended 
        application of the techniques of linguistic analysis to the Qur'an 
        to arrive at its fundamental concepts).

1964    God and Man in the Koran. Tokyo: Institute of Cultural and 
        Linguistic Studies. (A semantic study of the Quranic worldview)

Watt, W. Montgomery.
1968    Companion to the Qur'an. Gives background information on each 
        chapter; brief but enlightening. Arberry is basic text, but keyed 
        to other translations)

1970    Bell's Introduction to the Qur'an. Edinburgh Univ. Press. 
        (Watt is more sympathetic to Islam than Bell, and more readable. 
        He includes a table for converting the Fluegel to Egyptian verse 
        numbers. Two new chapters have been added on the Qur'an and both 
        Muslim and western scholarship)

Wensinck, A.J.
1927    A Handbook of Early Muhammedan Tradition. Leiden: Brill. 268 pp. 
        ("An English concordance of the traditions in the collections of 
        al-Bukhari, Muslim, Abu Da'ud, al-Tirmidhi, al-Nasati, Ibn Maja, 
        al-Darimi, and Malik b. Anas." - Ede)


Arnold, Edwin.
1954    Pearls of the Faith, or Islam's Rosary. Lahore: Orientalia. 
        190 pp. (A reprint of the 1882 work which is useful to study popular  
        beliefs on the 99 Names of God, and to understand the devotional 
        life of Muslims. Each name has a prayer, tradition or legend 
        illustrating its meaning).

Calverley, E.E.
1957    WorshiP in Islam. London: Luzac. Rev. ed. (Great detail on 
        Muslim daily prayers. Translates much from al-Ghazali)

Cragg, Kenneth.
1985    The Call af the Minaret Maryknoll, NY: Orbis. 2nd edition, 
        revised and enlarged, 358 pp. (Outstanding classic. "An account of 
        the spiritual tradition of Islam so sensitive as to inspire Muslims 

Donaldson, D.W.
1963    Studies in Muslim Ethics. London: SPCK ("The only comprehensive 
        treatment of the subject in English. Deals with ethical theories of 
        philosophers, mystics, the Qur'an, hadith, and modern trends).

Fakhry, Majid.
1970    A History of Islamc Philosophy. NY: Columbia, 427 pp. 
        (Misleading title since it deals heavily with theology and 
        mysticism, also politics and social affairs. Covers early 
        theological controversies and modern trends).

von Grunebaum, G.E.
1976    Muhammedan Festivals. London: Curzon Press. 107 p. 
        (Deals with the meanings of major holy days, the hajj, ramadan, 
        Muharram 10, with a section on prayer, saint veneration , and 
        worship of Muhammad).

Guellooz, E. and A. Frikha.
1978    Pilgrimage to Mecca. London: East-West. 
        (A major work with photographs).

Hussaini, Muhammad. 
        Islamic Dietary Laws and Practices. From New Era. Box 8139, 
        Ann Arbor, MI 48107, 165 p.

Jamali, Mhd, Fadhel.
1965    Letters on Islam. Written by a Father in Prison to his Son. 
        London: OUP

Kelly, Marjorie. (ed.)
1984    Islam: The Religious and Political Life of a World Community. 
        NY: Foreign Policy Assn. 336 p.

Levy, Reuben.
1957    The Social Structure of Islam. London: CUP. 536 p. 
        (Standard for sociological development of institutions and changes 
        in societies penetrated by Islam).

MacDonald, D.B.
1912    The Religious Attitude and Life in Islam. Chicago. 
        ("MacDonald set himself to lay bare the real context of the religious 
        perceptions of the greater mass of Muslims, and he succeeds in showing 
        the inner nature of their religion as no treatise on theology ... can 
        do. This book is one of the fundamental works in the entire field of 
        Islamic studies").

Muhajir, Ali Musa Raza.
1968    Islam in Practical Life. Lahore: Sh. Muhammad Ashraf, 221 pp. 
        (What is the quranic justification for Muslim practices? Verses 
        quoted with an apologetic).

Padwick, Constance
1961    Muslim Devotions. London. (Noted collection of actual prayers 
        and devotional materials Muslims use).

Quasem, Muhammad Abul.
1983    Salvation of the Soul and Islamic Devotions. London: Kegan, 
        Paul International. 289 pp. (What are Muslim ideas about salvation 
        and how one seeks it).

Roberts, Robert.
1925    The Social Laws of the Qoran. London. (A short work but useful 
        for its summary of what the Koran teaches about marriage, divorce, 
        slavery, inheritance, criminal law, food laws, and commerce).

Wagtendonk, K.
1968    Fasting in the Koran. Leiden: Brill. 154 pp. (A basic study on 
        the subject with an exegetical analysis of Koranic texts, and the 
        historical background of the origin of Ramadan).

Wensinck. A.J.
1925    Arabic New Year and the Feast of Tabernacles. Amsterdam. 41 pp. 
        (Technical study of Ramadan as a modification of the pre-Islamic New 
        Year's rites. He traces parallels between Ramadan and Feast of 

Zwemer, S.M.
1920    The Influence of Animism on Islam. NY: Macmillan. 246p. 
        (Zwemer did extensive authoritative research on folk Islam. His 
        chapter on "The Aqiqa Sacrifice" can be very useful).

1939    Studies in Popular Islam. NY: Macmillan. (Completes his 
        studies in common beliefs and practices. Zwemer often brings out 
        materials useful for witnessing).


Ahmad, Bashir-ud-Din Mahmud.
1980    Invitation to Ahmadiyyat. London: Routledge and Kegan Paul.

al-Amin, Hassan.
1970    Islamic Shi'ite Encyclopaedia. Beirut: Slim Press. 3 vols. 
        (An excellent source of information about Shi'ite themes. 
        Arrangement difficult to use).

Arberry, A.J.
1957    Revelation and Reason in Islam. London: Allen & Unwin. 122 pp. 
        (A general study of how theologians, mystics, and philosohers tried 
        to resolve the conflict within Islam between reason and revelation).

Burney, M.E.
1955    Qadiani Movement. Durban, RSA: Makki Publications.

deBoer, T.J.
1967    The History of Philosophy in Islam. NY: Dover Publications. 
        Originally published in 1903. (Charles J. Adams of McGill University 
        held that deBoer is inadequate but we lack anything better).

Donaldson, Dwight M.
1933    The Shi'ite Religion. London: Luzac. 
        (An exmissionary to Persia presents the best general introduction; 
        stress on Persia and Iraq).

Goldziher, Ignaz.
1981    Introduction to Islamic Theology and Law. Princeton Univ. Press. 302p. 
        (This reprint of an older work is valuable because of Goldziher's 
        massive erudition)

von Grunebaum, G.E. editor.
1971    Theology and Law in Islam. Wiesbaden: Otto Harrasowitz. 
        (Contains article by J. Schacht, M.W. Watt, Fazlur Rahman, et al)

Izatsu, Toshihiko.
1964    God and Man in the Koran: Semantics of the Koranic Weltanschaung. 
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