Responding to Muslims

compiled by Hans Morin


  1. The Claim that the Qur'an Came to Replace the Bible
  2. The Claim that the Scriptures of the Bible have been Changed
  3. The Claim that Muhammad's Name has been Removed from the Bible
  4. The Claim that Muhammad was the Prophet like Moses
  5. The Claim that Ishmael was the Sacrifice
  6. The Claim that Muslims are not Required to Read the Bible
  7. The Claim that the Bible is no longer Reliable because the Original Manuscripts are Lost
  8. The Claim that the Bible is Corrupt because of Numerical Discrepancies
  9. The Claim that Muhammad Came to Establish a New Religion
  10. The Claim that Jesus was a Prophet Only to Israel
  11. The Claim that Jesus was no more than a Prophet
  12. The Objection to the Trinity
  13. The Objection to the claim "Jesus is God"
  14. The Objection to the Term "Son of God"
  15. The Objection to the Christian Worship of Jesus
  16. The Objection to the Crucifixion
  17. The Objection to Eating Pork
  18. The Claim that the "Gospel of Barnabas" is the True Gospel
  19. Islamic Terms ... Names ... Expressions
  20. Similarities between Biblical and Muslim Cultures

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