Muslims Asking Christians: Questions & Answer Panel

If you have a question about any aspect of the Bible or the Christian faith that has been puzzling you, you are welcome to email it to me and I will display the question and hopefully some Christian will read the question and give an answer. I do not have time to answer everything myself, but will make effort to find people who can and will answer. For this reason you might also find a few questions in this panel which haven't gotten an answer yet. I will put up the questions as they come in.

There are many Muslim web sites which attack Christianity (sometimes even very viciously) for whatever reason.

I am not interested to receive any (excerpts) of those attack articles. Those attacks are answered to in other parts of my web site. On this page I want to give you the opportunity to ask your own personal and honest questions. To find out how I would define that, click on the last link.

The Questions

  • N O W H E R E does Jesus say "I am God, worship me."
  • Why can't God just forgive our sin?
  • Is the Bible insulting the prophets?
  • The Meaning of Marriage - A Christian Perspective (and why Christians reject polygamy)
  • Is Knowledge Sin?
  • What does the Bible say about eating pork?
  • What about the scribal errors in the Bible?
  • What is your concept of God?
  • Are "Torah" and "Injil" in the Bible?
  • Muslims are more respectful, therefore ...?
  • The Easy Sinful Nature Of Christianity?
  • Will Jews go to heaven?
  • Why did Jesus have to die on the cross?
  • Friday evening to Sunday morning = 3 days ?
  • Why does Jesus refer to himself in the Bible as "Son of Man"?
  • Dying for the sins of another person?
  • Do Christians believe that God died?
  • Angels: God's Ministering Spirits (some wanted to know what we believe about angels)
  • Why did God become human?
  • Questions and Answers about the Deity of Jesus Christ
  • But Wasn't Jesus a Muslim?
  • How to ward off black magic, jinn, spirits
  • On the dress code
  • Why can't God just forgive sin, instead of demanding justice?
  • Wars and cruelty in the Old Testament
  • Islam, Bible and Slavery...
  • Why are there four gospels?
  • Where does the name "Christian" come from?
  • Wasn't Hitler a Christian? - see also [1], [2]
  • Was Judas predestined to do evil?
  • In the name of Jesus, amen?
  • Why are you using Christmas trees when they are forbidden by God in the book of the Prophet Jeremiah? Answers: [1], [2], [3], [4
  • Many further questions and answers can be found via the entries in the Comparative Index to Islam, the Dictionary of Christian Answers to Muslim Questions, and in Sam Shamoun's Series of Answers to Common Questions and Claims.
  • A question and answer set at another web site
  • The Spirit of Islam gives its content mostly in Question and Answer format

  • If you have a question you would like to ask, please send us an email.
    Also, the Christians among the readers, please feel free to pick up any as of yet unanswered questions and contribute an answer or, if you feel that a question isn't answered very satisfactorily, try to write a clearer or better answer and submit it to me.

    Dear reader please keep in mind that Christians are also fallible human beings and those providing an answer is doing so to the best of their knowledge -- which is not perfect. I am always glad about corrections to the displayed answers or a renewed question that asks for more clarification where the answer is still unclear.

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