The Challenge: VICTORY!

A Survival Manual

for Christians Living Under Pressure



This manual is the result of years of research done by Open Doors with Brother Andrew personnel in many restricted countries of the world. As the materials were gathered and compiled, it became apparent that the key to victorious survival identified in restricted countries could be valuable in any context.

This manual was intended to be used as a guide for a home Bible study, and does not require a trained teacher as the leader. It is our prayer that in this way the content may prove valuable to many lay Christians.

Lesson 1:   The Simplicity of the Church
Lesson 2:   Knowing the Enemy
Lesson 3:   Christ Glorified in Different Patterns
Lesson 4:   God's Provision for His Church: The Bible
Lesson 5:   God's Provision for His Church: The Holy Spirit
Lesson 6:   God's Provision for His Church: Prayer
Lesson 7:   The Church in Operation
Lesson 8:   Guilt: The Internal Weapon of the Enemy
Lesson 9:   The Church Facing Suffering and Persecution
Lesson 10:   The Christian Family

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Copyright, 1979

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Third Edition (Revised), 1988
Fourth Edition (Revised), 1995
Fifth Edition (Revised), 1997

ISBN 0-910796-16-5

All quotations of scripture are taken from the New International Version of the Bible, unless otherwise indicated.